I have found myself in a delightful Inn in Charleston, SC. It was not booked by me, but rather by my friend–and although I took a cursory glance at the website, I cannot say I was altogether prepared for the visual feast I received stumbling from my car after almost five hours of transport.

I can’t tell what I like more–the exposed wood beams, or the lush and gorgeous leather upholstered furniture. The sheer brassy look to everything, certainly puts me in mind of my characters, and the world in which they walk about.

There is a great deal to say about spaces, I think, and how they affect us. As someone who works from their home–both for subsistence and for pleasure–I often find the same walls (though admittedly filled with objects meant to inspire) can feel as if they’re bearing down on me. I lose perspective; I get lost sitting in one, static place.

That said, I’m looking forward to this weekend, to walking the old Charlestonian streets and basking in the glow of history (and, I hear, a few ghosts…).