I can’t help but be amazed at what people come up with within the steampunk community. There have been days when I am altogether flabbergasted at the things people can do with coiled wire, mahogany, and brass–not to mention a host of other materials.

Case in point is the delightful I-Wei Huang at Crabfu. Not only is his (highly acclaimed) website chock-full of gorgeous machines and tinkerings, but he make some incredibly stunning artwork, too. To top that off, he’s dissected things down to layman’s terms, enabling me to understand just how this stuff works, with beautiful diagrams and easy-to-follow layouts.

See, I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, tech savvy. Technology fascinates me to no end, but I am a rather sad sack when it comes to the innermost workings of well, anything. So I have to rely on the intelligence and, dare I say, brilliance of others, to make a convincing sell.

There’s hundreds more artists and makers out there, and I could go on and on.

However, if you’re interested in this, and happen to stumble upon my blog, and would enjoy working as an adviser to me, please let me know. I am but a humble grasshopper, with steampunk dreams, and writing schemes…