Through BoingBoing I’ve become well-acquainted with Etsy, which displays a host of incredible crafts and arts for sale in all sorts of mediums, colors, and flavors (okay, maybe not flavors… but I’m being slightly metaphorical here, yeah?).

As I’ve grown older, I’ve had less and less time for my maker hobbies–including and not limited to knitting, sewing, corsetry, beading, quilting, model-making, sculpting, and oil painting–due mostly to the fact that I have a child, a husband, a job, and a vocation that require most of my attentions.

But it’s with utter awe and amazement that I approach the artisans and craftspeople at Esty who are collectively some of the most creative people I’ve ever seen. Sifting through the listings there is like being at a never-ending gallery, chock full of things I never knew I simply had to have.

BoingBoing posted today about slurkgirl, and the delightful steampunk artwork she has for sale (some of the work is NSFW, FYI). But Etsy doesn’t stop there. Oh no. A simple search for “steampunk” opens a truly astonishing treasure trove of sumptuous and whimsical designs including jewelry, clothing, and art.

As I’ve been drooling at them with envy, I thought I’d collect some of my favorites for you to gaze upon.

birdsNBees – Mostly pendants and jewelry, combining Art Deco/Steampunk flavors and lots of (as you guessed by their most clever name) animals and insects and whatnot.

AlliesAdornments – Beautiful reapportioned vintage buttons that become works of art in and of themselves–it’s recycling and it’s antiques!

VelvetMechanism – If gears are your thing, this is your heaven. Especially for a little more masculine look–I particularly adore the cufflinks; now to see if I can get Michael to wear some.

VintageFiligree – If you’re like me, and you have an eye for ornate, shiny, sparkly, colorful designs, this is your stop. Unique, expressive, eclectic jewelery that combines stones, gears, and metals for some unbelievable results.

There are many more I could name, but these are the sellers that just had that special something and caught my eye. If you’re curious, check out the links, or go to Etsy proper. I’m sure you’ll fall in love, too.