Calvin Coolidge at AmherstThere’s an awesome writeup about steampunk fashion and culture at the Times! They even interview Jake von Slatt!

I think there’s some really good quotes in here, as well as some delightful interview material. I have yet to really get into steampunk music but, I’ve decided, right now I’m going to go to iTunes and fetch me some for my upcoming trip up to the Great White North.

My favorite part is a quote from Abney Park’s Robert Brown: If steampunk has a mission, it is, in part, to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world. “Today satellite photos make the planet seem so small,” Mr. Brown lamented. “Where is the adventure it that?” In contrast, steampunk, with its airships, test tubes and time machines, is, he said, “sort of a dream , the way we used to daydream. It’s like part of your childhood’s just bursting forward again.”

You can find the rest of the article here.

I’ll be a little on the quiet side during my trip up North, but hopefully will get some writing time in. I’m hoping to have a short story up and edited by the end of the vacation, but finding a wireless connection may prove sticky. We shall see!

Steam on, folks.