My goal for the weekend, as far as the blog was concerned, was to revamp it a bit. Freshen it up. Make it prettier than it was before.

I should not dabble in such things. Granted, the vast majority of regular readers are, most likely, reading from a reader of some sort. But, the aesthete in me doesn’t give a crap, really. I like things pretty, and have no issues announcing that to the skies. Heck, that’s part of the whole steampunk aesthetic, isn’t it? Pretty and functional.

So I shouldn’t be allowed to mess with CSS. As a result, what is current up here is not, let’s say, particularly unique, nor is it reflective of the look I was going for. Sure, I wanted something more simple, but this is a bit too stripped down for my particular tastes. This present look is a result of at least four hours of tinkering, screaming, and muttering. Suffice it to say, my forte is not in design. It seems every time I find a design I like, it lacks some fundamental component that I need in the end. So I trash it, and go elsewhere.

I’ll figure something out. It’s almost 10pm, and I’ve got work tomorrow. So I can’t spend much more time on this… ah well.

EDIT #1: Still working on things. Getting closer. I learn by destruction.

EDIT #2: My husband is an angel of CSS.  😀 Pretties!!!