Holy the craps I’m exhausted.

I have to admit, I’m really not hard core when it comes to this con stuff. I think my con constitution is -2 or so, or something. Not that I’m not totally enjoying myself, just that… TIRED. *whine*

I will be posting more updates, including an interview with Tobias Buckell, in the following days. I have to get the audio from our Flip and assemble it into something cohesive for the rest of you. Bottom line, though, is that Tobias is a really awesome, insightful fellow, and you should definitely go to his website. He posts the first 1/3 of all his novels there, and if you like the flavor of steampunk and some truly fascinating SF, do yourself a favor and read.

Also: Sean Astin is the most courteous con panelist ever, and Nathan Fillion is hysterical in person.

Also: The Steampunk panel this evening attracted so many people that literally dozens had to be turned away (including me). Note to the folks at D*C next year: STEAMPUNK TRACK. I know a writer who’s writing a steampunk novel and podcast who’d love to help you out (HINT HINT).

I’ll be posting some pictures a little later this evening if I don’t completely fall asleep in the mean time…