We got in very late last night, alas. This morning has been crazy, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, as is the norm at work. But here’s a little snapshot of our last day at D*C.

Monday wasn’t terribly eventful, as the husband and I spent the majority of our time cruising the merchandise and exhibits, rather than attending anything else. There weren’t as many lovely costumes about, but a few people still were rocking their capes/staves/boots/etc. I had hoped to get more pictures, and we got a few.

Things we learned:

Plan ahead – There is so much to do, you really need to prioritize. I met a young lady who had made her own spreadsheet. An extremely good idea.

Know your limits – Though I’m by no means a con oldbie, I had no idea how tiring the whole thing would be. Between interviews and panels, merchandise and concerts–not a dull moment, sure. But my feet!

Stay nearby – Taking advantage of local friends is great, but the time back and forth on MARTA as well as lack of sleep really made me wish I’d had a room to nap in. Plus, the trains only run so late, so we had to duck out early from a few events.

Water, water, water – Who know cons were like playing sports? I consumed way too much caffeine and not enough water, and ended up half awake/half asleep all night Saturday, waiting for slumber and never getting it. Then I realized I’d had coffee, coffee, coffee, diet coke, coffee, diet coke. Ugh.

… and now we return to our regularly schedule programming…