I am still working on recovering from last weekend. I worked on Labor Day, and drove from ATL to NC, and something in my whole rhythm just got completely out of whack. Writing has been difficult, processing has been difficult, just getting going has been difficult. Don’t know what it is exactly. But coupled with the fact that work itself has been going at lightning speed, I’m under the feeling that as quick as the world is passing me by I just can’t grasp on well enough.

Usually I have a great deal more interesting things to say…

Current status of things:

  • Four short stories floating around in various stages of writing, one just about to be polished and sent out. A fifth idea visited me last night and wouldn’t let me sleep. 😛
  • One high fantasy-ish young adult novel in beginning form.
  • One steampunk/graphic novel idea crystallizing, trying to figure out what to do with that…
  • 88,000 of 150,000 edited words in The Aldersgate Cycle.

* – * – *

“And now… now, oh all matter of wonderful things are about to happen, Emry,” said the voice, now hushed and right by his ears. “Every time you call me to you, I grow stronger—stronger. And soon, you and I, we will join together with the others. And we will all dance.”