There are not a whole lot of redeeming qualities when it comes to parts of Southern California. The traffic, the congestion, the pollution, the commercialization, the silicone. Although I love my family members who live out there, there is a distinct lacking in my enthusiasm to visiting the area.

However, the last time I visited my sister I discovered something that took me by surprise. Just a few miles out, away from the hubbub, the women carrying little dogs in their purses, huge sunglasses, and luxury cars is a remarkable landscape–barren, beautiful, mountainous–like the edges of my Territories. Michael and I took a detour, in spite of our limited time this time, to see it again.

So, here are a few pictures. The cave is in Laguna, CA, and the rest are around Temecula, CA. Granted, they’re taken from my cell phone so the quality isn’t great but… they never cease to floor me in their sheer grandeur. Wish I had taken more time to take more pictures, but alas.