The last time I made a major update to the site here at the Aldersgate Cycle, it resulted in nearly two days of craziness. I shouldn’t touch CSS, but I have a constant need to make things better. I was feeling like the site was getting too cluttered for my liking, and so, this evening, I decided–yet again–to take matters into my own completely incapable hands.

Thankfully I set up Ursa, the computer, right next to Michael and Quilp (his computer) so I could ask questions and then, of course, hand over the whole project to him in the end.

Suffice it to say I’m happy with the new design/template; it’s got all the same elements as before, but it’s a lot smoother, easier to read, I think. Not to mention the color scheme. It makes me much, much happier.

And I shouldn’t completely nullify my contribution. I did design the new and improved logo which, all things considered, looks pretty nifty to me. (Though, I should add, for some bizarre reason WordPress is compressing the living daylights out of the logo, and it’s looking all… um… wobbly. I’ll look into that tomorrow.)

That said, it’s past midnight here on the East Coast and I really ought to go to bed.