I am on the search for a job.

I want to be posting something meaty, meaningful, and moving (ahh, alliteration) but I am finding that rather difficult at the moment, swamped as I am with letters of intent and resumes.

The good news is that the NaNoWriMo project has a name: Pilgrim of the Sky, after Wordsworth’s “To a Skylark”–one of my favorite poems. Wordsworth is often forgotten for his contribution to the Romantic poetry movement on account that he was, well, hardly as much of a personality as Coleridge and Byron, nor nearly as much of a heartthrob as Shelley and Keats. But, all aside, Wordsworth and Keats are tied neck and neck for me, as far as poems that make my heart and soul sing.

At any rate, Pilgrim of the Sky is a departure from a clear fantasy/steampunk world, and a trip into sci-fi/alternatite history/Neo-Victorian. It has steampunk elements, but leans much more heavily on actual fact, historical figures and events, and technology than The Aldersgate. In fact, it begins in the present day, in New England; or, more precisely, in Amherst, MA at the University of Massachusetts, where I spent the first 20 years of my life. Write what you know and all that. Both of my grandparents taught as said university, and I attended it for a year before running away to Baltimore. There’s something odd about that part of the world that you can’t quite put your finger on… but hey, it’s no coincidence that Lovecraft wrote about New England, let’s just say.

Things that are different? It’s a standalone book. It’s also a single point of view, that of Maddie Angler. There are elements of horror in it, elements of crime and mystery, and even elements of romance. But then there’s the whole alternate universes/mathematical stuff, that just makes it a bit odd. Even for me.

Come NaNoWriMo, I’m going to put up a page here where I’ll be updating, as well as posting progress, etc. I’m excited, admittedly, to be going in this new direction; I think the AGC will do well with a months’ worth of hibernation.

Other than that, I wrote a short story in my brain while on our trip this weekend. It has to do with herons. That’s about all I have for you at this point.

Anyway, back to the grind.