The Alderpod

Alderpod 11 – Chapter Nine: Remembrance

Yay! Alderpod #11 is alive and kicking. I must say, due to variety of characters in this particular chapter, I had more fun reading this than any other of the chapters to date. As someone who’s always loved the banter between knights, and the whole concept of a group of traveling companions (who doesn’t, honestly) I find that these Asp chapters are sincerely enjoyable. In fact, on account of that, the whole Brick narrative has been edited and written far ahead of the others. Which is odd, if I think about it, because I would never say that Brick himself is as “close” to me as say, Emry and Cora are. He’s not at all like me, but he’s easy for me to write.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it even a little bit as much as I did making it. Again, it contains some original music, this one a little more “industrial” in parts than classical, with some beats and whatnot. I thought it fit with the Asp, myself.

The next installment is awaiting editing (though I’m revisiting some of the same problems in this one as in the #9… grr), so there shouldn’t be so long of a wait. In the job search I’m finding a surprising amount of time to read and record.