Well, NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching, and as such I’m working to get a few podcasts finished so that I can concentrate on Pilgrim of the Skies. In some ways this is gravely disappointing, as I’ve been on a roll with The Aldersgate. But I signed up and I will do it; it’s a good idea, and I’ll be happy to get something new put together. It’s been almost two years working on the AGC, so, well, breaks are important. I’ll be better for it, for finishing, after NaNoWriMo, I hope. I’ll just need to be better about keeping notes and ideas. My “writing process” is so random and unpredictable I can only imagine what’ll happen.

I’ve spent the last week in the company of my son, who is two. He’s a remarkable two, and I’ve been able to really enjoy the time with him, time I haven’t been able to spend due to work, school, or a combination of both. And you know what? He’s happy. He’s deliriously, wonderfully happy. Instead of screaming before bed and naps, he goes happily, contentedly even. He’s talking more, expressing more, listening more. I can’t help but notice he’s just happier with his mommy around. Not that my folks aren’t wonderful as caretakers, but in the past I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that they know him better than I do.

We’ll see what happens on the job front. But suffice it to say, I really wouldn’t mind the opportunity to spend even more time with him. He’s growing up into such a little gentleman, one who loves blue cheese, PT Cruisers, and, of course Blue’s Clues.

Anyway, I have a large post coming up soon about steampunk, which is more of a critique about some recent trends and whatnot… But I want to make sure it comes from the right place, and therefore need some more time. So I’m waiting for when I don’t have a two year old climbing on me (like right now) and shouting, “CARS AT TRADER JOE’S!” Because, apparently, my desk is where its location now is.