Trying to finish up the next few podcasts/chapter fidgeting (I had another experience where I read a chapter for Alderpod and realized, “No! No! that’s not right…” so trying to fix that). But with the time crunch, and NaNo approaching tonight, it’s getting a little close for comfort.

However, the job search is completley over. I’ve decided to take up the greatest job there is, that of being Mom to my child. Sure, it’ll be a little tight, but over the last few weeks I’ve seen just how fulfilling this whole motherhood thing is really meant to be. I can’t ever get those years back, and I don’t want to look back and regret not having spent time with him.

So. Anyway. It’s good timing with NaNo, since Liam naps every day. And I know, if I push it, I can write 2K in an hour. So, well. Yeah 🙂