So, status report: in spite of the crazy holidays, and the end of NaNoWiMo, things are going well. Podcast 14 is almost set to go, and only needs some music and minor editing. I’m having some issues with my microphone picking up some odd noises, though… I’m going to give it a listen, and if it’s really bad I may have to re-record the whole darned thing.

As to editing status. I went back to AGC with guns blazing, pun–of course–intended. I’m right in the middle of the action, right when things get really exciting, and I’m trying to iron out the right wrinkles for the final draft. This is both thrilling and terrifying, because not only is it where the most happens in the book, it’s also the most informative. Lots of questions are answered, mysteries revealed, etc.,–finding that balance is a challenge. I’m contemplating going back to the single-strand edit technique for the end of the book, or at least, single-even (at this point quite a few of the POVs are coming together).

Yes, enough rambling from me, I know. The best part is that I was able to look at my NaNo work–the bulk of which I’m extremely happy with–and know that I can apply that boost to AGC and get it MOVING. I will be quite thrilled when that happens… when I can print it out and read it (again) from cover to cover, and know it’s that much closer to finality.

Although, it’s never really final. Just ask Walt Whitman.