I really really really worked hard yesterday, a day upon which I had no two-year-old to entertain, to finish the next podcast. But my afternoon was rife with FAIL. Between issues with my keyboard (the kind you play music on) and my own problems speaking English (yes, technically French was my first language, but this was only an issue the first few months of my speaking life) the afternoon was a big well of suck.

Suck, suck, suck. Yes. Awful. I have nothing to share, nothing to give, and worse, not a heck of a lot of time right now. So are the holidays, though; what can I do? I will do everything in my power to have podcast #14 and #15 (which I’m recording back-to-back) to you by next week. I promise.

Meanwhile, I have at least 3,000 knitting projects to finish, gingerbread cake to bake, finances to put in order (HA!), etc. To make matters worse, or better depending on your outlook, as I lay in bed willing my husband to stop snoring, the last scene of the edit in The Aldersgate materalized before me perfectly–like some magic spell cast just at the right moment. I’m about six chapters from the end of editing, and it’s moving very fast. Which means the chapters I’m recording, which are eight back from where I am now, are no where near where my brain currently is…

Okay, going to stop now. Tune back in later this week; I may actually have something enlightening to say.