I want to share stuff with you that I’m writing now. Really, truly. I’m excited. Today, in spite of being a bad podcast day (thank the dog and the complex gardners for that…) it was a marvelous writing day. I’m like, two chapters from the end as we speak. You know what this chapter’s title is? Do you? The Aldersgate. That’s the chapter I’m working on.

This is where it get hard, and where everything is rewriting. My original draft’s ending was the weakest part of the book. I got so excited that I just… kinda threw everyone off a precipice. My husband, upon reading the book said, “Well, so much of this is awesome… except it sort of just stops, and the end is really hectic.” So this time I’m reinventing the wheel. I’m sanding, polishing, making the grain stand out.

The problem of course is balancing the narratives, a handful of which convene. Instead of jumping from character brain to character brain in each chapter, it’s happening multiple times within a chapter. It’s a bit like learning to shift gears in a car. Except, well, I can’t drive stick. So it’s still a little hectic at this point, at least from this perspective. When it comes time to record these chapters, I do hope you’ll weigh in.

Did I mention inventions? I’ve got some awesome inventions. Deadly and delightful!