I am sick again. That’s the bad news. Current state: extreme annoyance. I was just sick, and I am so DO NOT WANT. I am going to complain because I’m allowed. My skin feels like I forgot to put sunscreen on… like every inch of my skin. Muh. Even more WTF is that I was just mildly sniffly, treating what I thought were seasonal allergies, when last night it all came fallin’ down.

However. Stuffed up as I am, I have the next Alderpod in the can. I have to edit/add music/etc., but it’ll be on its way this week and on schedule. It’s not exactly crazy action-oriented, but it’s good enough. There’s some things I want to add, but at the moment I’m engrossed in the act of finishing the book. My goal had been to finish by yesterday, but every “last” chapter spawns another two. I’m coasting right now at the 155K mark, and anticipate at least two more chapters. Suffice it to say, another edit may trim the final word count a bit, but we’ll see.

Between the fever and the craziness of finishing this draft, I’m a little batty. So once again, not going to be posting much this week. Thanks for the patience, and I’ll be back soon!