A huge part of my writing process has always been to read my chapters aloud. In my younger years I aspired to be an actress, and I think part of that still lingers with me; I need to hear the words, and feel the strength of the writing for it to make the best sense to me.

So, I figured, in this age of podcasting, why not record what I do?  I knew I wanted to share The Aldersgate with readers, and the best method for this, I believe, is the podcast format. It’s storytelling in its most raw form, the oral tradition.

That said, Alderpod isn’t supposed to be perfect. I’m editing, and podcasting as I edit, so the chapters are not truly final (though I imagine a few are quite close); as the editing process continues after the podcast is read, things may change on a detail level–but all in all the plot and characters you’re hearing about will be the very same ones that find their way to the Big Slush Pile in the Sky when that time comes. And though I can be a perfectionist at times with my writing, I wanted to do this with less stress, to make it a window into my story, and to share it in this state.

That said, I invite you to listen along as the story progresses. Let me know your thoughts and questions; I love to know what folks are thinking!

You can listen to the various episodes by clicking on the links below, and you can subscribe by joining the feed.



42 Responses to “Alderpod Podcast”

  1. Alexgone Says:

    Hi Natania,

    I love the story, this is really good! How often do you release new episodes? At least for me, your site is really hard to navigate as the color of the text completely blends in with the background. I have constantly click and drag over the text to highlight it so that I can see what is there. I’ll check back for new episodes often. Keep up the good work.

  2. Natania Says:

    @Alexgone Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. That’s my most sincere hope, that people enjoy the tale as it’s being told.

    As for the frequency, it’s usually one every two weeks. I’m trying to make it weekly, but this month is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) so I’m going a little slow getting the next one out.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the text! I can see it fine, but that doesn’t mean much, since I use a Mac and Firefox. Let me look into the scheme and see if I can get it a little more clear.

    Also–you can subscribe to the feed by through iTunes, which means you don’t have to visit the site at all. 🙂 But I’m still looking into the color issue!

    Thanks again!

  3. Alexgone Says:

    Yeah! much better. I can read the site now. The background was pretty but this is much nicer to navigate. Thanks for the change!

  4. Ben Josielevski Says:

    Hi, I tried to download your podcast through Itunes, but for some reason, iTunes starts at chapter 4, rather than at the prolog. Love what I’m hearing so far. Ben

  5. Natania Says:

    @Ben How odd! I have no idea how exactly iTunes has it that way… but you can access the files directly from here until I’m able to resolve it. Glad to hear you’re enjoying, but sorry for the issues with iTunes.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  6. Alexgone Says:

    Hi Natania,

    LOL, can’t see the site again but that’s ok. I’m happy to highlight and click. :^) Still loving the story. You may already know this but in Alderpod #12 you do have some microphone noise about 29 to 30 minutes in. Sounds like you are readjusting it or moving it possibly. You may want to consider rerecording that part if you are ever going to publish this story in audio for pay. How is Nanowrimo going? Do you have 30,000 words yet? That would put you on track for 50,000 for the month I think. Best of luck and thanks again for a good story.

  7. Natania Says:

    @Alexgone NaNo is finished and in the can! The book is done.

    Thanks for the heads up about #12… it may have even been my dog that made the noise. I’ll look in to fixing it when I can.

    As to the color issues–I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a setting on your end? I’m not sure. I can’t seem to recreate it any browser… let me know if you’re still having issues.


  8. Mary Laura Says:

    Love your podcast! Well written and well read.
    You’d be amazed at how amateur some of the other podiobooks are, especially regarding grammar and pronunciation. I’m so tired if ‘lithe’ being pronounced ‘lith’, as in “to ‘live'”, as opposed to “appearing ‘live’ in concert” as is correct.
    Then there is ‘across’, being pronounced ‘acrost’. ARGHH!
    Please keep up your podcast. I’m enjoying and appreciating it immensely!

  9. Natania Says:

    @Mary Great! I’m so glad you’re enjoying. I, as well, am forever irritated by such things. Occasionally I’m sure I slip up, but I do try. Acrost is one that gets me every time, as well as “over surplus”–though that’s more semantics than anything!

    Thanks for listening!

  10. Alexgone Says:

    Hi Natania! Just listened to Chapter 12. Good stuff. Thanks for putting it out! I keep meaning to check this out on my home PC and see if its just messed up visually because they filter so much stuff on the work computer. When I check it out, I’ll let you know. Thanks for a good story. Two weeks is a looonnngg time to wait now. (pout).

  11. Natania Says:

    @Alexgone I’m definitely trying to get them out quicker! I had the next chapter read, and then… well, a couple of things happened including a decision to axe half of it. Such things happen in the wild world of podcasting. So, it’s shorter. Which is good. I’ve also come down with a cold, and so has my kiddo… the combination is a little nuts.

    I’ll do my best to get it out ASAP! 🙂

  12. Evo Terra Says:

    Any chance you’ll be adding this to Podiobooks.com? We have 267 (as of today) freely available serialized audiobooks on the site and would love to add yours to the collection. No cost. No catch. Just trying to be THE central repository.


  13. Natania Says:

    @Evo Definitely have considered it–but just searching for the time, the time! 🙂

  14. Tom Says:

    This story is really good and the audio performance is very well done. I have thoroughly enjoyed what has been posted so far. Keep posting. Luv it. Put up a paypal link for donations. I appreciate the work and would like to contribute.

    1. Natania Says:

      @Tom Why thanks so much! I have considered putting up a PayPal link, just hadn’t done it yet… wasn’t sure I felt comfortable taking money for something I just want to share. But I’ll definitely ponder further. So glad you’re enjoying the story; that’s the most important part.

  15. tintri Says:

    This may be a weird question, but I’m trying to clean up podcast and album tags and whatnot, and for some reason Alderpod #6 keeps making its own album folder in iTunes and on my iPod. Any idea why this is? I’ve tried going over all the file info and can’t seem to make it go into its own folder with the rest of the files.

  16. Natania Says:

    @tintri This might have been an error labeling on my behalf. I’ll go in and re-upload the podcast and see if that works.

  17. Natania Says:

    @tintri I have re-uploaded it (Alderpod #6) and checked the information, and it all seems to be exactly the same as the other podcasts. Hopefully this is a remedy? Let me know if it continues to be an issue, and I’ll take it out back and kick it a bit. 🙂

  18. Brandy Says:

    I heard your interview on steampod. I really enjoyed what you had to say. I was actually unaware of the steampunk genre until recently and actually started listening to steampod through another podcast. Small world.
    I am really interested in hearing your book, but I was disappointed that i-tunes doesn’t have chapters 1-6. I tried to put it on my-yahoo also, but I have the same problem. Unfortunately, I am not tech savvy enough to get around this problem myself. I will try to listen directly from your site. Thanks for doing such a great job.

    1. Natania Says:

      @Brandy I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! I don’t know why iTunes has nixed the first six chapters; it’s very strange. But, yes, for what it’s worth, it’s up here and hopefully people can figure that part out. I have attempted to go in and fix it, but the iTunes settings completely befuddle me, and I have yet read a way to fix it!

      All the files are archived here, so hopefully that will do the trick. Sorry for the inconvenience! But do let me know how you like the book, I love to hear feedback. 🙂

  19. Natania Says:

    iTunes should be fixed now. There was some strange glitch in the way the Category was being read through my feed at WordPress, but it has been fixed (the feed directly seems to be working now).

    Sorry if this has been the cause of frustration for anyone!

  20. the23plunger Says:

    hi there,

    i downloaded your podcasts where might be a big help when i travel by bus for longer travel. i am as well trying to learn english and its accent. it is very beneficial to someone like me. keep up the good work!

    and btw, i have sensitive ears and your voice doesnt irritate me. Instead I crave to hear more of u. It’s like a song now,,,stories in audio is kinda new to me but it could help a lot in my listening skills. thank you so much

    im suyin,:D

  21. Natania Says:

    @the23plunger Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying, and good luck as you learn English. It is by no means an easy language to learn. I do not envy you!

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  23. Gail Says:

    Natania, I love how the characters are meeting up again and mixing up the relationships.
    Thanks to your sister for composing the music, it’s wonderful! And thank you for putting it all here. It seems like I have been hearing it all along, it fits so well.

    1. Natania Says:

      @Gail Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it, and that you liked Llana’s contribution. A little prodding goes a long way; #30 is up already! 🙂

  24. Aerycks Says:

    Excellent story! Finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing and loved it. Will there be an epilogue? if so when? I would love to find out what happened to all the characters after the story.

    1. Natania Says:

      @Aerycks Glad you’ve enjoyed the story so far! There is an epilogue that ties this book with the second, which is in progress. There is plenty more to the story, suffice it to say. I’ll let you know what the progress is on the second book (it’s about 1/3 written at the moment, but I’m in the middle of another project, so it’s on the back burner for a little while).

  25. Simon Says:

    You have an amazing talent! I only wish that i could have as greater skill as you!

    I love the series, I’ve only listened to a few of them but sooo far I LOVE IT!

    BTW you have a beautiful voice, can i ask can you sing.

    BTW i’m from Australia and Queensland is a state (sought of) over here he he he

    1. Natania Says:

      @Simon Thank you! I am glad you like the story. I think the quality gets better as the episodes progress. Live and learn, I suppose. I do, in fact, sing; and I sing once or twice during the podcast. When you get to Chapter 18, Alderpod #20, that’s me singing Cora’s part. And yes, I know Queensland is a part of Australia; but it does come from a very basic compound word “Queen’s Land”–so I thought I’d use it, too. 😉

  26. Simon Says:

    yeah i guessed that about Queensland it makes sense i guess.

  27. Simon Says:

    its more or less the same thing really

  28. Simon Says:

    But yet again its some of the best stuff i’ve seen and heard of and your right some of the best stuff is on the net

  29. Steve Haines Says:

    You are a wonderful artist and bard.
    I really loved the idea of weaving a little magic with an medieval courtly ruling system steadily merging in to technology and innovation. this book should get published by a major publishing company. You should consider releasing it on Podio Books and or courting your book in as many places as you can find.
    Ps. are you working on any thing new?!

    1. Natania Says:

      @Steve I’m working both on getting the book published and other books in the series. Currently working on a novel that takes place across the mountains in Ardesia, around the same time as this book, and it includes some of the same characters from the first book as well. So glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted if anything new develops.

  30. keikomushi Says:

    I love the story so far. I bet this podcast would be well-received over at Podiobooks. In any case, keep on writing because you have some serious talent. ::heart::

    1. Natania Says:

      @keikomushi So glad you’re enjoying it. As of right now, the book is in a transition period. I hope to know relatively soon whether or not I’ll be putting it on Podiobooks–but some of the chapters need to be re-recorded, for sure. It’s a little rough toward the beginning, but I learned my way around eventually. Thanks for the encouragement!

      1. keikomushi Says:

        I have to say that you have a great reading voice. So often it takes podcasters a while to get used to the recording process, and in that time we tend to hear lots of vocal issues. In the case of Alderpod, you were solid as a rock! But sure, a little editing and re-recording on a couple episodes should help give you the audience that your writing most assuredly deserves. From one aspiring author to another, thank-you for sharing your work.

  31. Juan Juan Says:

    Natania –
    Just found you from hearing your wicked Austin parody/homage “Dead’s End to Middleton” on Escape Pod. I started DLing the Aldersgate Podcast and have been listening. I’ve enjoyed the world you built and its fun elements of steam meets magic.

    I was a little annoyed to figure out about halfway through that this is the podcast of book 1 of several. “How is she ever going to tie these threads up in a …Oh, she’s not!”

    I just heard #25, the podcast of the Castledeck short story. I have to say, I enjoyed that much more than the regular story, since I could see the plot threads come to a close. Also, you are a bit nicer to Castledeck than you have been to Cora, Brickley, and Emry.

    I’m off to listen to 26, to see how much Brick whines about his missing hand, how Emry’s shadow spirit messes with him and Cora, or how Cora deals with her coming romantic triangle.

    Thanks for sharing such a cool world!

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  34. Major Tomm Says:

    Thank you so very much for bringing us such an amazing story, it was so engrossing, full of adventure and very detailed. This was one of those stories that I can easily fall into, I found myself interacting with the characters to the point that I would actually physically react to what was going on, I also found my self screaming and yelling at the appropriate times too. What really made the story complete was the beautiful music that you and your sister did. I loved the whole thing, wonderfully written, and produced. Again Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas.

    Major Tomm

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