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Natania Barron is a writer with a penchant for the speculative; she is also an unrepentant geek. Her work has appeared in The Gatehouse GazetteThaumatrope and Steampunk Tales,and will be included in Dark Futures dystopian anthology. She has released the most recent draft of her steampunk novel, The Aldersgate, as a podcast at The Aldersgate Cycle (you can also subscribe to the whole story in iTunes here). Her current novel projects run the gamut from steampunk to heroic fantasy and hybrid speculative fiction. She is also the founder of The Outer Alliance, a group dedicated to queer advocacy in speculative fiction, and blogs for Wired Magazine’sGeekDad Blog as well as Geeks Are Sexy and Amazon’s End User Blog.

Natania holds a BA in English/Writing from Loyola University Maryland and an MA in English with a concentration in medieval literature from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In her spare time she cooks, bakes bread, drinks coffee, crochets, blogs, plays guitar and ukulele, and enjoys nature. She lives in North Carolina with her family.

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  1. Simon Owens Says:

    Hey Natania,

    I remember seeing one or two posts of yours about Tor’s experiment releasing free ebooks. I got a chance recently to talk to several Tor authors and asked them whether the ebook releases boosted sales. My article on the subject was posted over here:

    Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers might find interesting.

    Take care,

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