I’m back on my way home, having arrived at the airport safe and sound after exactly forty five minutes of sleep. There were too many reasons that I couldn’t sleep, and I decided to book out an hour earlier than I had planned (2am instead of 3am) to give myself a little wiggle room getting to Logan airport. There were massive thunderstorms earlier, and I didn’t want to get caught up in one. In spite having grown up in Massachusetts, Boston is about as foreign to me as any city–we Western side staters keep to ourselves, and have conspicuously absent accents.

Regardless, I can’t promise coherency. But I must say flying would be a better experience if there were airships involved in at least some capacity. Or if they did something to beautify the planes a little more. I’ve flown since I was a kid, and have a love/hate relationships with these strange metal birds. This trip was my first on JetBlue, and I have to say I was surprised by the televisions and the XM radio aboard. But I’d much prefer some polished brass and mahogany, honestly. Or something super-futuristic, like touch-pad screens and VR windows.

… Yeah, I shouldn’t post when I haven’t slept.

But I do have some great ideas for writing this week, and I’ve been definitely itching to get back to the edit. Hopefully I can share the next podcast, too.

Ansel Adams' Saguaro Cactus

Yes, I realize this picture is of a cactus.

Elizaw mentioned it might be a good idea to do something with airships for the website. So I drew one. It’s not done much to help the general OMGWTF malaise that’s come over me since I flushed 10,000 words into the toilet earlier today, but it helped a little. I mean, she’s right. Airships are cool. I may scan and share tomorrow, just for hahas.

I do wish I had more of an ability to bounce back from disaster, but at the moment am feeling rather bleh and meh by turns. 10K isn’t a lot, compared to the whole novel which, in its first draft is over 100K and in its revised version (at approximately 50%) is already 75K. That’s roughly 10% of a lost book. And it’s two weeks of work, hours now completely lost to time and space (I feel like I’m playing Arkham Horror all of a sudden).

My birthday was Saturday, and I got a copy of The Born Queen by Greg Keyes, which I hope will help jog my brain into writing mode again. Though Stephen King certainly wasn’t the first to say it, he’s right: The more you read, the better you write. I can trace much of my book’s progress by the reading I’ve done on the side–it’s a hodge podge group of writers, not all of whom are exactly Pulitzer Prize winners, of course.

In the mean time, I have now successfully installed the Orchestra Jam Pack for GarageBand, so hopefully my podcasts will be a little more interesting. I’ve been meaning to re-record chapter four for some time, but it’s a long chapter, with some tough voices (a raspy Territories Alderman by the name of Bratner, for instance, who always makes me cough when I read him). It’s also the first Emry chapter, and since he is the character most like myself, I want to do him justice. Emry is so important in the books that at one point I considered starting off the narrative with him. But then I realized that might be a little toward selfish, or at least, self-serving. He’s the easiest character for me to write (well, duh). I’m actually looking forward to editing his PoV, though it’ll probably come after Cora’s. Right now I’m working on the Brick PoV, but that’s the one that bit the dust. Ah, square one.

At least I didn’t lose everything. There are a few bits in the Brick PoV that I’m really happy with. A little fun is provided behind the cut. It’s the introduction of some of the second-string heroes, including Sir Sally Din and Lark.

Below the cut: from Chapter Six: Attention