Ezz, a Sib

Ezz, a Sib

Well, after I put together those little crests for the orders, I thought I’d update the pages with some background on each. I also scanned and colored a sketch of Ezz, as a promise to a listener. My artistic talents are not what they used to be, and the result is a bit more cartoonish than I would have liked, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hea should have more tattoos on heas neck, but I ran out of time to finish them! Agh. Priorities.

You can see the updates at the Aldersgate Cycle Wiki – I put a column with the orders.

I have started a wiki! After months of deliberation on the subject, I decided to jump in and just go ahead and do it. It’s terribly addicting, I’ve found, and a little overwhelming. Having never put much of this stuff down, it’s been sloshing in my head, and I’m a little staggered at the sheer number of red links.

So, if you happen to be intrigued and would like a little more of a window into the world of The Aldersgate, you can visit Alderwiki. Most of the articles are currently in the barest of states, and some are even replete with spelling errors, etc. I am ashamed to admit my pitiful spelling capabilities, that I blame entirely on the advent of the spellchecker; in this instance, the built-in Firefox spellchecker doesn’t like the wikia forms, so…

Check back often, and hopefully it’ll start to look better soon (and be equally informative!).