3361044690_e6b0490a76_mTruly, Victorian/Edwardian, but these date to 1917 (the watch) and the 1930s, respectively, though certainly evocative of the Victorian aesthetic. These were passed to me by my great aunt, and they belonged to my great-grandmother, Evelyn. When my great aunt brought out the watch, I think my heart stopped. My eyes filled with tears. I never knew there were such heirlooms in the family, to be honest. Or if there were, I didn’t think they’d be mine.

3361042794_d3e27bf5bb_mThe watch was given to my great-grandmother on her graduation from high school which, at the time, was the only schooling she was allowed to have. As a woman, and a sister to a brother, the family would not pay or support her if she wanted to go to college. Such different times. But my great-grandmother was a poet, a writer, a guitar player, and by all accounts a remarkable person who always saw the good in people. I also have two of her yearbooks, and I will scan some pictures of her later; I look quite a bit like her! Though she was Swedish, she was dark-haired and dark-eyed.

3361045574_c706339a87_mThe pin was given to my great-grandmother by my great-grandfather, while they lived in Italy (he was a painter). It’s a miniature mosaic, and I think it’s a Japanese beetle. The Victorian aesthetic loves the bug, and this particular fellow is just so brilliant. Such remarkable treasures! I feel quite lucky.

I explained to my great-aunt what sorts of things I write, and I think she understood what I was trying to say better than most. Funny how that works…

Something kindled this weekend, and I not only wrote in the novel, but composed some novel-related music and did some sketches. I’m particularly proud of these two, Sir Sylvan and Sir Gawen, and thought I’d share this first version. It’s been a while since I’ve brought a picture from sketch to colored final, and I’m not sure if I’ll get to that point with these two. But suffice it to say, after at least a dozen attempts to get them right, I’m glad to have finally done it.

I’ve been working on putting some new bits and pieces on this site. As I mention in my Author page, I do lots of other things besides write. One of my favorite past-times has always been drawing. Tinkerer that I am, I can’t help but put together some sketches of my characters; this being a multi-POV novel, it also helps me (and any potential readers) keep track of who’s who, as well.

You can read about Cora Grey, our heroine of sorts, under the Cast tab, and see what she looks like in my mind’s eye.