Holy the craps I’m exhausted.

I have to admit, I’m really not hard core when it comes to this con stuff. I think my con constitution is -2 or so, or something. Not that I’m not totally enjoying myself, just that… TIRED. *whine*

I will be posting more updates, including an interview with Tobias Buckell, in the following days. I have to get the audio from our Flip and assemble it into something cohesive for the rest of you. Bottom line, though, is that Tobias is a really awesome, insightful fellow, and you should definitely go to his website. He posts the first 1/3 of all his novels there, and if you like the flavor of steampunk and some truly fascinating SF, do yourself a favor and read.

Also: Sean Astin is the most courteous con panelist ever, and Nathan Fillion is hysterical in person.

Also: The Steampunk panel this evening attracted so many people that literally dozens had to be turned away (including me). Note to the folks at D*C next year: STEAMPUNK TRACK. I know a writer who’s writing a steampunk novel and podcast who’d love to help you out (HINT HINT).

I’ll be posting some pictures a little later this evening if I don’t completely fall asleep in the mean time…

I’ve been attempting to Twitter some of the day, but I’m admittedly a very crappy texter. I blame the pink Razr, which, though it lulled me into its metallic embrace with its shiny exterior, is really a very cruddy phone when it comes to anything but making and answering phone calls.

We were very late arrivals to D*C, and when we finally got there, I was extremely disappointed to see that the one panel I wanted to go to was switched out. I was admonished since I had not looked at TODAY’s Daily Dragon–which would have been nearly impossible in the car (see comment about crappy phone). So, missed that.

However, there is happiness to be had as I was able to talk to Ms. Finn Von Claret of Abney Park, who was charming and lovely in spite of the late night/early morning (she also has an etsy store, so check that out). I picked up the new CD, a sticker, and of course a set of pilot wings (because, aye, I’m a sky pirate at heart, too). I got her and Captain Robert’s autographs, and then got to people watching.

I admit to you I’m a con virgin. But this was awesome. I just went dressed as myself which, in normal company, tends to run toward the slightly eccentric. But I definitely felt quite… boring, I should say. Some of the most amazing costumes. I didn’t have the camera in tow, so there’s no way to show you some of the costumes, alas, but I promise you, it’s amazing.

Next was the Gonzo film fest, opening with Paul and Storm (who if you haven’t heard, you should–so go listen, huh?). Geek rock meets comedy in perfectly harmonized bliss. Except when the sound guys messed it up. But, hey, that’s showbiz.

Tomorrow morning starts early, and I get a chance to interview Tobias Buckell, thanks to the awesomeness that is Matt Staggs. That’s in just a few hours, really–so I dearly need to prepare for that.

I’ll check in again soon!