The Alderpod


I present to you now Alderpod #8 – Chapter Six – Man of the Open Road, mostly completed… There are sections of this that may or may not be in the final version… but I have always liked this chapter as it is all about Emry; he’s the only one with dialogue in the whole thing, and most of it involves talking to himself (a habit I took from my own idiosyncrasies).

You’ll notice that there’s music throughout the whole podcast, but it’s really intended just for this episode. Music plays such an important part in Emry’s life, and in this chapter, that I thought I’d try to weave it in.

That said, I’m super excited about the next few chapters, and once I get my voice back up and running you’ll have a chance to experience more of the story. We’re moving toward the point where things really start to pick up, both in the macro and micro plots. You’ll be introduced to a new character, too, for the next podcast..

(I just noticed that the intro got cut off… I’ll fix that later. But the whole chapter is in tact at the moment, so I’ll leave it be for the time being)

The Alderpod

It’s here!

Alderpod #5 – Chapter Four: The Bard

I am super excited about Podcast #5. I’m learning as I go along here, and have a new microphone that, at first was more headache than anything. But now, with a pop screen I think the quality is much better.

This is the introduction of Emry Roy, the bard in my story. Now, of all my characters, he’s closest to heart for me. He’s one of the characters that when I write, I simply melt into. I don’t have to think it out too much (like with Brick or with Denna), and the writing goes lightning fast. In order to do him justice, I also wanted there to be music to accompany this podcast.

There are two original pieces of music during the podcast. The new theme during opening and closing is literally THE theme; that is, it’s “The Aldersgate” which I wrote with the whole book in mind. Using GarageBand I conducted my own little orchestra. The only piece that isn’t “me”–rather, a loop–is the drum track. Everything else is yours truly. I’m quite happy with it, though I’m by no means a composer.

The second piece of music is Emry’s song called “Man of the Open Road”. It’s supposed to sound just a little different, slightly off to our Western ears. I wanted him to sing it, and so you’ll notice the voice isn’t quite mine during the song.

It’s also longer and higher quality compared to the last few podcasts, so I hope to make up for the long break in between 4 and 5 with some more substance. It’s also the most violent chapter so far, so this is not for a younger audience, I don’t think.

If you listen and enjoy, or if you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m truly thrilled to be sharing my novel with you, and appreciate the feedback.

I’m also hoping to put up some .pdfs of chapters already read and (mostly) edited. So far there’s been one big change to the Brick story arc, but the rest have stayed the same. As soon as I make those changes, you’ll be able to read the chapters, too.