I am rallying against words I hate in my draft, and I let one of my characters do it for me.

“So, what could you possibly see that high up?”

Hiram looked down at his stubby fingers and flexed them twice. “Only hearsay, of course. But, it’s what I was mentioning before. It seems that…”

“Seems? I hate that word,” said Sylvan. “Either it is or it isn’t whatever it is you think it is.” That last “it is” was purely the fault of the drink.

Something kindled this weekend, and I not only wrote in the novel, but composed some novel-related music and did some sketches. I’m particularly proud of these two, Sir Sylvan and Sir Gawen, and thought I’d share this first version. It’s been a while since I’ve brought a picture from sketch to colored final, and I’m not sure if I’ll get to that point with these two. But suffice it to say, after at least a dozen attempts to get them right, I’m glad to have finally done it.