Like many publications, the Willows Magazine is struggling. From Ben’s blog Literacity:

Well, it’s 2009, and things haven’t gotten much easier at the offices of The Willows. While Jade did finish up the issue, it was several weeks late…and that isn’t the only problem.

For those of you who don’t know, I pay for 90% of The Willows out of my own pocket; always have. Some advertisers sweeten the deal now and then, and my supply costs are (somewhat) covered by subscribers, but by and large, I buy stories and new features as I can afford them, and feel they’re justified. And I’ve always been rewarded by your loyal readership; I have no complaints on that score.

But this year opens on a rather underfunded Willows, which means we’re going to have to print and ship as we are able to afford it. Some of you have already received your December issues, and let me go on record as saying I feel humiliated that the rest of you have not, when it is almost February. I can only express my profoundest frustration. (You can read more here)

To top it off, some subscribers are kinda being jerky about the whole situation. What folks often don’t realize is that many of these publications are labors of love, with very small staffs, who often work thankless hours in editing and production!

Aside from being personally invested (my short story “Dr. Adderson’s Lens” will be in a future publication) the Willows is a rare gem of a publication that really represents Victorian/gothic/steampunk aesthetic and literature. If kids are willing to shell out $100 bucks for a pair of goggles or a corset, I hardly think it’s a stretch to think a subscription/donation/advertisement to be that difficult.

If advertising your wares is your thing, consider that they’re offering 50% off all advertising as well! That’s a pretty impressive deal, considering their rates are a steal to begin with!

UPDATE: So, yeah. The Willows is no more. So, there we go. Read the comments below for an idea of what’s gone on. Sorry to those who have bought subscriptions/ad space, and have not been contacted. I’m not affiliated with the Willows; I only had a story accepted there, and it never was published. I apologize that I can’t be of any more help.

The folks over at the Willows sent out an email yesterday for calls for submissions for an upcoming archaeology issue. I thought I would share! (And should mention that my short story “Dr. Adderson’s Lens” will be in one of the upcoming issues, too!)

“Throw those chisels in the motor-car, gentlemen…we’re off to Mesopotamia!”

In February 2009, The Willows will be publishing a special Archaeology Issue, full of tales related to one of our great passions: the early histories of civilized humanity. To date, we have secured two featured tales for the issue, from Steven Shrewsbury and G. D. Falksen. And if you can conjure a thrilling, ghostly image of civilized antiquity, your work could join theirs! And Mesopotamia, though ever-popular in archaeological tales, is not the limit. Weave us an historically accurate ghost story, in 5500 words or less, of vanished Knossos, or of the strange Mississippian culture, or of Copper Age Ireland… so long as your vision is one of pre-Hellenic civilized history viewed through the lens of the Victorian or Edwardian culture.

We are also looking for a cornucopia of original artwork and poetry to accompany these tales, as always!

No Steampunk this issue, please.  Take care to eliminate all post-Great War style language and jargon, televisions and other things nonexistent previous to WWI.  And yes, historically accurate means historically accurate; Google and Wikipedia are free for everyone.  Enough said.

Good luck to all, and feel free to spread the word!