Yesterday, my friend Karen wrote to me:

So, do we write what we are? If so, who are you?

I thought about this for a while. We were speaking, to put this in context, of magic and religion. At least in the course of the AGC, I indicated the following:

Primarily I take from Norse and Celtic lore, with a little smattering of Judeo-Christian ideas for good measure. It’s all very basic, tied to the way the world itself works. I guess, at heart, I’m an agnostic. I ask: “So, if all this religion is true–and if it were to manifest itself to you–but if it might mean the destruction of your world, what do you do? Whose side are you on?”

Devil’s advocate. That’s me.

I realize that’s a little on the spoilery side, isn’t it? I’ve indicated in the past that the Aldersgate itself has quite a bit to do with what magic is and isn’t in this world. But the crux of the tale rests, thus far, on the decisions people make, and what sides they end up on.

As much as possible, I’ve tried to fiddle with our concepts of good and evil, concepts that so often invade science fiction and fantasy in ultimate contrast. That’s why I think the whole Neo-Victorian/steampunk aesthetic is so important to the story itself, because it speaks so perfectly to the tensions in the telling.

Anyway. For those of you who write, here’s the question to you: Do we write what we are? If so, who are you?

Yes, it’s been a bare week here at the Aldersgate Cycle. But no fear! Writing has been happening, interviews have been happening, such exciting fantastic things have been happening! It’s not for lack of ideas, just for lack of time.

Because she is so awesome, you can read another wonderful (and hysterical) article by Catherynne M. Valente on How SF Prepared Me for the FUTURE. I also worked myself last night, after reading her post from yesterday, and tried to see how many words I could type in 45 minutes of uninterrupted writing (gave myself a deadline, see how I did that?). The answer? 2,122. I don’t have any excuses for lagging behind in the writing, that’s for sure.

Want to listen to some steampunk music? Check out Lemming Malloy; they’re local to me, here in NC, and their album is debuting next week. I’m also interviewing them, so look for that early next week! I’m horribly addicted to the two songs on their MySpace page right now, and spent my morning dancing along to their infectious melodies (and the Marvelon!).

Anyway… that’s it for the moment. I’m off to pillage the local thrift store and the Home Depot. If I’m going to the Lemming Malloy concert, after all, I’m going to need something to wear. I just needed an excuse.

… oh. And just as I post this, here’s a great post that Paul Jessup just put up, too, about being a great writer and devouring your subject. You should read that, too. Thanks, Paul.