The AlderpodI’ve always loved reading aloud, and being read to. As part of my own writing process, I read and record chapters, mostly to feel out how the writing is working, and to judge the overall flow of words. After sharing these chapters with my husband and best friend, and judging their reactions, I decided it would be worth my while to put something together for listeners.

Hey, it’s the Internet Age, right? Moreso now than ever, writers have the ability to tap in to an amazing amount of potential readers. Whereas some writers seem afraid of this, I am not. In fact, I want to share–not just my work, but my process–with you. There’s something to be said about the transparency of the writing process, I think.

Much of my inspiration, as I’ve mentioned before, comes from the Internet. I discovered the entire genre of steampunk writing online; I have researched Victorian fashion; I have delved archives of photographs dating from the 1880s; I have scoured Wikipedia! What’s come out in the end, between my imagination and my research, is a hybrid of historical and fantasy steampunk. It’s part chivalric romance, part mystery novel, part fantasy epic, too.

So what am I getting to, exactly? Essentially, I’m working to create connections–bring people together who love steampunk, and love good stories more than anything. Just yesterday I was trolling around Brass Goggles again, and was absolutely inspired by a piece of artwork that just screamed, “Put me in the book!” So I will.

What I’m saying is: Join me on my journey. Listen, comment, learn, advise. This is not a finished, polished work yet. This is my fist finished draft.

Our story starts in the sleepy little town of Vell, in the Territories… here we meet Cora Grey, a girl just discovering her heart, and her own capabilities.

Alderpod #2 – Chapter One: Cora Grey

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