Mt. St. Helens

I spent the majority of my day in a state of panic, shrouded in terror. Whilst installing the Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack for GarageBand, my computer froze up.

And it didn’t come back.

The hard drive died.

So, it’s replaced, and under warranty. But I lost about 10K+ of edits, revisions, and new material I’d been working on the last two weeks (since the last backup).

I just opened up Scrivener to validate this. Yes, all of my work I’ve done in the last fourteen days is gone. Vanished. Evaporated into the aether from whence it came.

As much as I want to say: “Maybe it’s for the best!” I can’t help but feel as if I just swallowed a rock.

Always, always, always, back up your work. Every single night. Every hour, if you can. Don’t wander with your laptop–and if you do, use a damn thumb drive.