There have not been a whole many posts here lately, I realize. This is mostly due to my new job, being Mom. It’s the best job in the universe, I assure you, but it allows for very little free time. And what free time I’ve had I’ve been dedicating to actually editing rather than blogging because, well, I want to have the entirety of the ACG ready for you to listen to, and then get it ready for publication. That’s kinda the big idea. And while writing little blog posts is great, and often helpful in the process, it can’t be the process.

Also, the holidays are here. I am making many gifts, and spending the other part of my free time ensuring that we don’t show up to various festivities empty handed.

Add to that there’s some recent family difficulties, and well, that’s why I’m not here much, and not updating much.

But do not fear! I will return around the New Year, prepared to stun and amaze you with incredible feats of prose. I have a new project to work on in between finishing AGC and starting the next volume (it’s supposed to be a duet, we’ll see what happens…). I’m hoping that the new year will bring many great things to you and yours.

Keep your RSS feeds pointed here, and get ready for a new Alderpod breaking just about the middle of next week! Thanks for the patience and the time you’ve spent with me here for the last year!