I’m back on my way home, having arrived at the airport safe and sound after exactly forty five minutes of sleep. There were too many reasons that I couldn’t sleep, and I decided to book out an hour earlier than I had planned (2am instead of 3am) to give myself a little wiggle room getting to Logan airport. There were massive thunderstorms earlier, and I didn’t want to get caught up in one. In spite having grown up in Massachusetts, Boston is about as foreign to me as any city–we Western side staters keep to ourselves, and have conspicuously absent accents.

Regardless, I can’t promise coherency. But I must say flying would be a better experience if there were airships involved in at least some capacity. Or if they did something to beautify the planes a little more. I’ve flown since I was a kid, and have a love/hate relationships with these strange metal birds. This trip was my first on JetBlue, and I have to say I was surprised by the televisions and the XM radio aboard. But I’d much prefer some polished brass and mahogany, honestly. Or something super-futuristic, like touch-pad screens and VR windows.

… Yeah, I shouldn’t post when I haven’t slept.

But I do have some great ideas for writing this week, and I’ve been definitely itching to get back to the edit. Hopefully I can share the next podcast, too.